Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Lost List

I know I had written this yesterday for myself in some form, but I was doing so much writing in various formats: emails, journals, blogs, writing my own ideas on my brain cells ... maybe I imagined it and never really wrote it at all. Anyway:

As Owen Meany once wrote in his own journal, I know three things.

1) I must affect change. I cannot close my eyes to what I have finally allowed myself to see. Burying my head in the sand is no longer an option, as blissful as it used to be.

2) Though I can control how and what I consume and my message to others, I cannot control how others act/react/think. Ultimately, my most fruitful approach is to be an example. However, it is necessary for me to enter into uncomfortable conversations (not confrontations, I hope) even with people I love deeply, because of what is at stake. I can only hope that they examine why they have strong resistance to some of these ideas, before dismissing them entirely.

3) Wondering whether I can make a difference, will never make a difference. I have to act according to the POSSIBILITY of change, not the guarantee.

These things I know. At this point I ask for the divine help of the universe and of other thoughtful people in this most important work.

Oh yeah - and:



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