Thursday, August 18, 2005

Just one more thing: Thank you, Helena

This is from the blog of a woman I'll be meeting at bass camp next month. Her words spoke to me so eloquently about being true to oneself (for whatever the cause) that I wanted to share them:

"It takes courage to make a decision like this, especially when your decision affects other people. I did not make it lightly. I had to make it. I'm not a martyr, in fact I'm violently allergic to martyrdom. I'm most happy when everyone is doing what they want to do. I'm most unhappy around people who stay in situations they don't want to be in, whatever the reason. I used to be all about making everything alright. No more. It doesn't serve anyone.

The most powerful and courageous thing one can do is follow their own bliss. Brazenly, unapologetically. But be forewarned: it pisses people off. But it also inspires and empowers others oh so close to taking the plunge themselves.

The point is that it's important to be true to yourself and do what you want. Not selfishly or irresponsibly but with deftness of purpose and resolve. You'll be happier, and you never know who you may inspire to do the same."


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