Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I researched biodiesel a little bit and discovered that you do not need a specially built new car to use this fuel. You can run biodiesel in any diesel car, and more stations are becoming available that offer this fuel. Some people are making their own biodiesel from waste oil, though currently the biodiesel available in Seattle is not from recycled oil.

Here are some resources:
Seattle Biodiesel

And, check out this delivery service ad I saw on Craigslist - this could significantly reduce the price and make this fuel more accessible for drivers.

I plan to purchase a diesel car in the next several months and use biodiesel exclusively. It's likely not a permanent solution, but it will significantly reduce my own CO2 contribution. I still plan on cutting down on driving as much as possible.

I will write more when I have learned more. Meanwhile, here are a couple other links I think are valuable:

Green Car Congress
Green People

Keep the faith, everyone. This road is long and difficult, and these lifestyle changes go against all our cultural programming, but it's the most important cause of our time. There is no more time to waste. Ask yourself this: if your grandchildren's grandchildren were standing in front of you, would you open their mouths and pump pollution into their lungs? Would you hand them a glass of water too toxic to drink ... or deny them anything at all to eat or drink? Would you place them in a environment laden with carcinogens and watch while their cancers develop? These are horrible, incomprehensible scenarios to envision ... but we are approaching a world like this at an alarming rate. If you don't believe it, ask a scientist.


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Davey Crockett said...

I have looked at your links for the biodiesel and it does look like a good alternative to diesel which does cause a lot of polution in the air. I would love to see a study on the emisions differences between regular gasoline engines and biodiesel. If you find one, please post it.

The rest of your post is total hash, but I will not say anymore on it here. But if you post it again I will definetly comment on it then.

At 1:20 AM, Blogger SustainableGirl said...

Thanks for your comments. I'd love to hear about the evidence for the rest of my post being total hash.


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